Business Registration – how to?

Registering a business is the first hurdle to self-employment for many start-ups. To register a business in Germany, there are various requirements and different offices to be observed, such as the regulatory agency. You will also have to pay costs and some documents. Our relocation service and start-up advice not only helps you to draw up a business plan and a viability analysis, but also accompanies you in registering your business, filling out forms and not losing track of things.

Step by step to your own business

  • 1. step: Decide on a 1 Person only business or found a capital complany e.g. a UG (haftungsbeschränkt) or a GmbH
  • 2. step: Prepare all necessary bisiness documents and juridical documents, permission and a personal place of residence
  • 3. step: Fill out the registration form including the main branch and operating locations
  • 4. step: Submit an application to the trade office
  • 5. step: Further registrations depending on the industry
  • 6. step: Questionnaire for tax collection

For those who already feel fit enough themselves and speak the German language properly, the city of Nuremberg can use the digital service at